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Leinenkugel's Beer Sunset Wheat - 6 PK

  •  Leinenkugel's Beer Sunset Wheat - 6 PK

  • Description: Leinenkugel's® Beer Sunset Wheat. Est. 1867. Highest Quality. Carefully Brewed By The Leinenkugel Family For Five Generations. Beer With Natural Flavors. 0.355 Liter. 12 FL. Oz. With access to the finest barley, hops and the pure waters of the big Eddy Springs, Jacob Leinenkugel founded his brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, back in 1867. Five generations later, the Leinenkugel family continues its mastery of time-honored brewing standards, using only the highest-quality ingredients and purest processes. The result is the award-winning flavor people have come to enjoy and expect from Leinenkugel's®. If you have ever watched the sun set over a Northwoods Lake, you know the exact moment that we've captured in our Leinenkugel's sunset wheat. Brewed with malted wheat, cluster hops and natural coriander, it's the perfect way to get away and enjoy the soothing flavor of the Northwoods. Indian head country. The Northwoods of Wisconsin have long been known as "Indian Head Country," because it was thought that the St. Croix River, which forms the western boundary between Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, formed the profile of a Native American. It's for this reason that Jacob Leinenkugel chose the image of a Native American woman to grace the label of his first beer-to pay homage to both the local people and their home. Today we're proud to carry on that tradition of honoring the source of our rich heritage-Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin-and of brewing beer that would make Jacob proud. The Northwoods: it's an area of wooded hillsides, swift-flowing rivers, prosperous farms, and one very special place-Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, home of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. Since 1867, for five generations, we've been brewing our authentic specialty beers using only the finest ingredients and the same time-honored traditions. Bear in mind. Union made. Please recycle. To order official wearables, call toll-free 888-LEINIES. 715-723-5557.

    Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Malted Wheat, Barley, Cluster Hops, Natural Coriander, Water.

    Manufacturer: Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., LLC

    Product Size: 72 fz

    SKU/UPC: 00034100498054

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