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Festival Foods

Heart Health & Wellness

At the heart of good health is good nutrition. A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best weapons in the fight against heart disease. Use the recommendations and links below to make smart choices that benefit your heart and your overall health.

  • Eat More
  • Eat Less
    • Example of foods with unsaturated fats
      Unsaturated fats

      raw nuts, olive oil, canola oil, fish oils, flax seeds and avocados

    • Example of foods with fiber

      fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, cereals, breads and pasta made from whole grains

  • Example of foods with saturated and trans fats
    Saturated and trans fats

    whole-fat dairy, red meat, bacon, sausage, partially hydrogenated or deep fried foods

  • Example of foods with lean protein
    Lean protein

    fish, poultry, beans and nonfat or low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese

  • Example of foods with sodium

    salted canned or processed foods and salt as a seasoning

Levels of Sodium Content

Decode the claims. Here's what the labels really mean.

  • Salt shaker that is 3/4 full


    ≤ 140 mg per serving

  • Salt shaker that 1/2 is full


    ≤ 35 mg per serving

  • Salt shaker that 1/4 is full


    ≤ 5 mg per serving

  • Salt shaker that is empty


    No salt has been added

Explore More Heart Health Resources

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