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Festival Foods


  • Grocery Carts's the little things

    Like wide aisles, freezer paper for your fresh meats, special parking and more.

  • Weekly Ad
    Packers Football

    Like a coach, who put in a little extra time and effort, to make big things happen.

  • TV Monitors

    Like the small things that happen each and every day just to make you smile.'s the little things

In the grocery world, big things are important. Extraordinary food, exceptional experience – we understand we have to get that right. But at Festival, we know that true success comes from the little things.

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  • TV Monitors TV Monitors
    TV Monitors
    TV Monitors

    With toys, games and coloring sheets, the Tot Spot is a great place for kids to play while you shop. Tot Spot TV monitors throughout the store give you peace of mind when it comes to your 'little things.'


    Our team of Registered Dietitians are here to support you in everything from making a delicious meal in 20 minutes or getting your kids to eat more fruits and veggies to helping you explore a new way of eating.


    From kid's carts, car carts and various sized shopping carts, to our Caroline's Carts for individuals with special needs, you'll find the perfect cart for your shopping. We want to make sure you don't come across a squeaky, wobbly wheel.


    Sharp knives make for safer knives (and better cuts). The Festival Foods Meat Department offers free knife sharpening. Drop them off, shop and we'll let you know when they'll be done!

What Else?

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It's the things like sharing an umbrella when it's raining or pulling together your favorite donuts when you're in a rush.

  • Want to share your 'Little Thing?'
  • Positive Affirmations on Mirrors
    Positive Affirmations on Mirrors
    This may be the coolest public restroom mirror I have ever seen... Thanks #festivalfoods for the subtle, yet highly effective reminder. #positivity #randomaffirmations #grateful #amazing - Dixie D.
  • Baby Smash Cakes
    Baby Smash Cakes
    My grandson's 1st Birthday! He sure loved his smash cake! A big thank you to Lisa at the Fort Atkinson Bakery!! - Danielle L.
  • Party Planning with the Deli
    Party Planning with the Deli
    I need to give a huge shout out to Festival Foods! We had my kids birthday party this past weekend. It is always a huge struggle to get everything done on time so we were looking for ways to save time. We had the deli cook up brats...
  • Pie Eating
    Pie Eating
    ...the Festival Foods Pie Eating Competition! - Golden Ribbin' BBQ Fest
  • Grocery Carts
    Grocery Carts
    Good job @festivalfoods with the upgraded carts! #festivalfoods #newcarts - Rachal
  • Catering
    I utilized Festival Foods catering service (but I picked up) for a recent family reunion. Awesome! I received many compliments on the good food... - Vicki C.
  • Dining Deck
    Dining Deck
    Balcony at The Mezz at Festival Foods in Madison. Photo by Michelle S. #madisonwi
  • Fresh Sushi
    Fresh Sushi
    Some @festfoods $5 sushi to get me through a new leasing standards webinar. #Accounting #Yum #Wednesday$5Sushi - Chris S.
  • Dietitians
    We're proud to be a Festival Foods Dietitian's Top Pick! Did you know you can find our pasteurized eggs at their awesome stores? - Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs
  • Local Growers
    Local Growers
    MAKING YOUR DAY EASIER It was probably the single most relaxing and accomplished shopping trip I have ever taken...Thank you to the entire Oshkosh Festival Team for making my day a bit easier and more fun! - Jen B.
  • Craft & Local Beer Selection
    Craft & Local Beer Selection
    #FridayFeeling #beerme #craftbeer
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service
    So...I was returning a movie at the Redbox near festival in Appleton. And this young man, Owen, saved a woman's child from being run over. He ran out into traffic and this amazing employee chased him down and saved him. - Amanda B.
  • Customers Have a Name Too
    Customers Have a Name Too
    When I shop at De Pere Festival Foods, I always get excellent service far above the call duty from Nancy. Not many stores I know they know you by first name... - Debbie S.
  • Aisle Directories
    Aisle Directories
    Like a treasure map, but for the awesome products on the shelves. #aisleperfect #map #grocery #aisles #openingday #fridayfeeling #madison #madisonwi
  • Prepared/Ready to Eat
    Prepared/Ready to Eat
    How about a Festival build then grill your own pizza? Works for us! - Tom S.
  • Call Ahead Order (Bakery)
    Call Ahead Order (Bakery)
    Festival Foods Neenah thanks for the good luck charms. SMC Zephyrs play for the state championships at Noon today! - Pam S.
  • Family Friendly Events - Bunny Hop
    Family Friendly Events - Bunny Hop
    @festfoods bunny hop with daddy! #llcoolj #festybaby - Emily J.
  • Community Involvement
    Community Involvement
    Go ahead and take those bananas... Thanks #FestivalFoods for your support to cure #CysticFibrosis! - Elaine K.
  • Custom Cakes
    Custom Cakes
    Thank you so much Kristal at the Copeland Festival Foods for making this awesome Pikachu cake! We loved it! - Amy Jo E.
  • Community Involvement
    Community Involvement
    Thank you so much Festival Foods for putting on a fantastic Shake The Lake in Madison this weekend! The best fireworks show I've ever watched, and the bands were amazing! Madison appreciates your generosity!! - Sarina K.

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What's your favorite Festival Little Thing?

In everything we do, we work to make your day a little easier, a little better, a little brighter. Because at the end of the day's the little things that make a big difference.


Blog Posts

  • Little things at Festival Foods
    Little things at Festival Foods
    Before I ever worked at Festival Foods, I shopped there. And before I shopped there, I heard about it. Actually, I heard about it from a lot of people. When we moved to the Green Bay area in 2007, we heard about this rainbow-signed grocery stores that had associates who were JUST SO FRIENDLY! We heard things like, "Everyone who works there says hello!" and "Someone is always asking if I need anything!" and "The cashiers always ask if I found everything." Isn't it funny that those observations, interactions and experiences in a grocery store aren't solely focused on the products on the store shelves? Instead, they’re focused on the people who stock those shelves, help folks who are shopping and check out groceries at cash registers? You could say -- for us at Festival Foods -- it's about the little things. And now all those little things are giving us something big to talk about with you! We're changing the way we talk about our company. We explain how and why during this Facebook Live broadcast, which we did on Aug. 9. If you didn't catch it live, don't worry! We've got it right here for you! We've got plenty of ways to continue this "little things" conversation with us. Check out our special website that provides more information and gives you an opportunity to let us know about the "little thing" you really enjoy about Festival Foods. You can post to our Facebook page, tweet at us or tag us in an Instagram post with the #MyFestivalThing hashtag.
  • Festival Foods featured on "World's Greatest! ..." TV show
    Festival Foods featured on "World's Greatest! ..." TV show
    We're excited to tell you that Festival Foods will be featured in upcoming episodes of the “World’s Greatest!...” television series as the World’s Greatest Grocery Store. The show will feature comments from Festival Foods associates along with an interview with Mark Skogen, President and CEO of Festival Foods.  The episode starts with the history of Festival Foods and its roots starting in Onalaska, Wisconsin, in 1946 and progresses through the company’s growth into the modern supermarket it is today. As Festival Foods’ guests know, many things set apart this family grown and associate-owned grocer from the competition and the “World’s Greatest!...” episode highlights a number of those differences. The Festival Foods’ episode will be broadcast at 5 a.m. CST Monday, Aug. 1, and again a week later on Aug. 8 on Direct TV channel 305 and Dish Network on channel 250.  Additional scheduling details can be found online here. The episode also will eventually be available in its entirety on the show’s “episodes” page. Festival Foods is a family- and employee-owned company founded in 1946 as a Skogen’s IGA that began operating as Festival Foods in 1990. It employs 6,300 full- and part-time associates and operates 24 full-service, state-of-the-art supermarkets as well as Lakeside Sentry Foods in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin. Festival Foods is a culture-driven company committed to building relationships with guests and associates, serving communities, providing excellent service and investing in its associates.