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Festival Foods

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Festival's Plain Game Day Wings are premium drummies and paddles ready for basting in your favorite BBQ or buffalo sauce.


Nutritional Information

Cooking Instructions Print Version

For additional cooking instructions, please see the chef's tips and the USDA cooking recommendations

1. Oven

Settings and timing

Bake or broil. Preheat oven to 400°F. Place wings on cooking sheet and bake for 35 minutes. Optional: Baste with barbecue sauce.

Special instructions

To simplify basting, prepare an aluminum foil pocket. Place wings in the pocket and increase the baking time to 45 minutes to an hour. If the pocket is sealed properly, the wings will “self baste."

2. Grill

Settings and timing

Preheat grill to medium and then place wings on grill. Continue to turn chicken wings every few minutes until meat is not pink in the center. This will usually take about 16–18 minutes total.

Special instructions

You’ll know the wings are close to being done when you see bubbles forming underneath the skin. These bubbles are formed from the steam coming off the meat as it cooks through. Also, keep the grill closed as much as you can to speed up the cooking and cut down on the flare-ups. You can be pretty sure the wings are done when they have a nice brown or charred layer.

Chef's tip

Grilled chicken wings tend to flare up quite a bit on the grill, so it’s a good idea to have a squirt bottle or glass of water ready by the grill. If you see a flare-up, just squirt it down with a little water so it doesn’t char the wings too much.

3. Stove Top

Settings and timing

Boil wings for 20 minutes before baking or grilling to help make them exceptionally tender. Boil in a seasoned liquid like chicken broth or water laced with barbecue, teriyaki or buffalo sauce.

4. Crock Pot

Settings and timing

Place the wings in the pot and add additional sauce of your choice along with some chicken broth. Make sure the wings are covered. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. This is a great way to start the wings the night before a big game or gathering. You can serve them directly from the pot. Makes things low mess, low maintenance and high satisfaction! If there is too much liquid in the pot, drain it off and replace with fresh sauce or glaze.

USDA Cooking Recommendations

Safe cooking recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture

Please note: Colors referenced below refer to pop-up timers. Pop-up timers are available at the service meat counter in the Meat Department or ask one of our meat and seafood experts.

Yellow to Medium Rare: 138°F - Beef only

Red to Medium: 144°F - Beef only

Green to Medium Well: 157°F - Pork and Beef

Blue to Well Done: 168°F - Pork, Beef, Poultry