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Festival Foods

Photo of Burgundy Pepper Spoon Steak
Burgundy Pepper Spoon Steak

This is our famous Burgundy Pepper Spoon Roast sliced into delicious steaks - great grilled or broiled! It's cut from a sirloin tip roast that has been tumbled for 30 minutes in our special Burgundy Pepper Marinade to flavor and tenderize it. Then it's cut into thick steaks that are ready to cook in minutes on your grill.

Many say it tastes like prime rib without the prime rib price, and it's so tender you can cut it with a spoon!

Nutritional Information

Cooking Instructions Print Version

Servings per pound – 2 to 4

For additional cooking instructions, please see the chef's tips and the USDA cooking recommendations.

1. Oven

Type of heat

Bake or broil. 

Settings and timing 

Higher heat is better with these super lean flavorful steaks. If baking, set oven at 400-425°. Allow 5-7 minutes for medium rare to medium; 8-12 minutes for medium to medium well; and 12+ minutes for well done.

Remember ... the cooking time will vary based on the size and thickness of each steak. Controlling the doneness is difficult with this method. This works well if a medium well or well doneness is desired.

Special instructions 

Let sit for 3-5 minutes before serving. “Resting” the steaks for a few minutes will let the meat relax and be more tender. Then baste with butter, and place a dollop of butter on top of the steaks when they come out of the oven. Whole butter, salted or unsalted, is best. A margarine or spread just isn’t the same.

Serve with roasted potatoes and vegetables. French fries, seasoned steakhouse-style hash browns, potato wedges … the list is endless.

Make sure you always use a pop-up timer, as pop-up times are not as accurate with a steak. Follow these temperature guidelines to achieve desired level of doneness:

120-130°F = Rare
130-135°F = Medium rare
140-150°F = Medium
155-165°F = Medium well
170°F+ = Well done

Chef's tip 

No seasoning needed with these. Our marinade takes care of that for you!

2. Grill  

Type of heat 

Use direct heat for rare to medium steaks. Use indirect heat for medium well to well done. This will help keep them from getting too charred.

Chef's tips 

No additional seasoning needed. Allowing your steaks to warm up to room temperature prior to cooking them helps them cook more evenly. Add a dollop of butter melted on top of the grilled steak. After it's cooked, it's heaven on earth!

3. Stove Top

Type of heat


Settings and timing

Medium to medium high heat. Use a heavy bottomed skillet. This will help distribute the heat more evenly.

Allow 3-5 minutes per side for medium rare; 5-7 for medium; 7-9 for medium well; and
9+ for well done. 

4. Smoking

Settings and timing 

Cook at 250-300° for approximately 8-12 minutes for medium rare, depending on the size and thickness of the steaks.

Chef's tips

Grilled: 5 minutes per side for medium rare; 6 minutes per side for medium. Broiled: 350 degree oven set to broil; 6 minutes per side for medium. 

USDA Cooking Recommendations

Safe cooking recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture

Please note: Colors referenced below refer to pop-up timers. Pop-up timers are available at the service meat counter in the Meat Department or ask one of our meat and seafood experts.

Yellow to Medium Rare: 138°F - Beef only

Red to Medium: 144°F - Beef only

Green to Medium Well: 157°F - Pork and Beef

Blue to Well Done: 168°F - Pork, Beef, Poultry