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Festival Foods

Meat & Seafood

From The Most Tender Cuts Of Beef To The Freshest Seafood

What started in a one-room butcher shop with only a meat cutter has grown to many food markets across Wisconsin that each have exclusive meat and seafood departments featuring skilled butchers with the expertise to answer your meal preparation questions and offer great cooking advice. Our goal is to make your mealtime more enjoyable by offering unique flavors of marinated and stuffed products. Don't forget about incredible USDA Choice beef and steaks, spoon roasts, and our own Festy Burger.

Searching for the freshest seafood in the Midwest? While Wisconsin doesn't have ocean beaches, our company gets the catch of the day, right from the docks to our stores. Wild caught salmon and cod from Alaska, fresh haddock from Massachusetts, and Ahi tuna from Hawaii -- those are just a few of the offerings that come in fresh from the sea with our Fresh Flight Fish.

  • Fish
    Fresh Flight Fish

    Fresh fish, direct from the docks to our stores. See what's on the line.

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  • Chef
    Chef's Tips

    We do the work, you get the glory! Check out our Chef's Tips and cooking guides.

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  • Boomerang
    Sustainable Seafood

    Sustainable Seafood is fished or farmed in ways that can increase and maintain the population of fish for a long time, without jeopardizing the health of the environment.

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  • Meat
    Special Orders & Custom Cuts

    Custom orders for holidays, special events, or just based on your preference for thick cut steak. Visit the meat counter for market fresh cuts.

  • Clipboard

    Find the answers you're looking for on your favorite foods.

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Meat and Seafood Items

Logo of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood watch

At Festival Foods, you'll only find sustainable seafood. We work with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® Program to offer our guests seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that minimize any environmental impact.

  • Best Choice

    Best Choice

    Buy first. This seafood is well managed and caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife.

  • Good Alternative

    Good Alternative

    These products are okay, but there are concerns with how they're caught or farmed.

  • Avoid


    These are overfished or caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment. You won't find these products in our stores, we are 100 percent sustainable.

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