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Festival Foods

Photo of Cooked Prime Rib
Cooked Prime Rib

Slow cooked and perfectly seasoned, this tender roast beef makes a 5-star meal when paired with one of our twice-baked potatoes and a vegetable.

Nutritional Information

Cooking Instructions Print Version

In a microwave-safe dish, microwave for 2-4 minutes to heat.

USDA Cooking Recommendations

Safe cooking recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture

Please note: Colors referenced below refer to pop-up timers. Pop-up timers are available at the service meat counter in the Meat Department or ask one of our meat and seafood experts.

Yellow to Medium Rare: 138°F - Beef only

Red to Medium: 144°F - Beef only

Green to Medium Well: 157°F - Pork and Beef

Blue to Well Done: 168°F - Pork, Beef, Poultry