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Festival Foods

Wisconsin-style Hot Dog


Ever wonder why Wisconsin, the Sausage Capital of the US, doesn’t have its own signature hot dog preparation? Yeah, so did we, so we decided to come up with one. I dare say this is the greatest representation of Wisconsin in hot dog form ever.

Yield: 4 dogs (2 servings)

Hot Dog Ingredients Amount
Gilbert’s Craft Sausages Froman Uncured Beef Franks 4
Sheboygan-style Hard Rolls 2
Cheese Curds 1 cup
White Onion 1/2 medium onion
Sauerkraut 1 cup
Pickle Slices (Bread & Butter or Dill) 4-5 slices
Brown Mustard to taste
Butter a few pats
New Glarus Spotted Cow or other fine, Wisconsin beer 1 bottle (and one for you)
White Onion 1/2 medium onion
Butter 1 generous pat

Method Of Preparation:

  • Cut white onion in half. Chop half into fourths and slice the other half into rings.
  • Pour bottle of beer into medium sauce pan. Place the quartered onion half into pan along with a pat of butter. Bring to a gentle boil.
  • Once boiling, put all 4 Froman Uncured Beef Franks into pan. Allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes. While simmering, pre-heat the grill (grilling is optional).
  • Finish dogs on the grill until they reach your desired level of “char.”
  • Slice the hard rolls and butter the cut sides. Toast the cut sides on the grill to a golden brown.
  • Spread brown mustard on the hard rolls and top with 2 Fromans per roll.
  • Top the dogs with cheese curds, onions, kraut, and pickle slices.
  • Finish with another squirt of brown mustard, and enjoy!

This recipe borrows inspiration from the classic Sheboygan-style double brat. The kraut and cheese curds complement each other, and the coarse-ground texture of our Froman Uncured Beef Franks really stands up to all the other flavors. It’s about time Wisconsin had an official hot dog, isn’t it?

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