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Festival Foods

Why Wisconsin?

Festival store pictured is located on the first floor behind the trees.

Festival is located on the first floor behind the trees.

I often times get asked when we will open a store in Minnesota, Illinois, or even the UP of Michigan. Without fail, my first thought is always “when there are no more places in Wisconsin for us to serve”. That thought may not be 100% accurate because if the right opportunity presented itself we wouldn’t shy away from expanding beyond the borders of Wisconsin but there are numerous markets right here in our great state that we have yet to explore.

The Madison project is in early stages of construction and we anticipate a late summer of 2015 opening. This project is different than our traditional Festival Foods stores in that we will be located on the first floor of a high rise condo building in the heart of downtown Madison. We are building the roster of strong leaders and teammates who will work at this location alongside the approximately 200 new associates we’ll hire from the area. Some additional things that will be new to Festival for this Madison location are a coffee shop partnership that will allow us to provide a great place for guests to stop and grab a cup of coffee,  a new layout that creates a convenient flow in both the perishables and non-perishables sections of the store, along with the largest natural and organic departments we’ve ever presented to guests. Madison – here we come!

We’ve experienced great success in our Kenosha store, which has been serving guests in the area for a little more than a year now. The team of associates has connected with the guests and the positive feedback we receive on a weekly basis lets us know that guests like our clean store, quality products, and friendly associates. We are working on several possibilities around the Kenosha area to build on that success, including the Racine and Mount Pleasant communities. Each new location brings challenges with it, but also an incredible opportunity to reach more residents of Wisconsin.

So what’s next for Festival Foods? Stay tuned! We are looking forward to growing our business with our excellent team of associate-owners!

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