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Who is the Best Bagger of Them All?!


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Congratulations to the finalists from our recent Market Bag-Off Competition!

A couple weeks ago we held our annual market bag-off competitions to prepare for the State Bag-Off in October. Each Festival Foods store had the opportunity to enter up to six contestants who believe they have what it takes to win the title of “Best Bagger”! Any guests shopping during these competitions likely saw creatively decorated lanes, pictures and posters displayed on the walls, and probably heard some very loud cheering throughout the competition.

Baggers were judged on various criteria, ranging from the distribution of weight in each bag, to the time in second it took to fill the bags, and how much team spirit was displayed during the event. As many of our guests who prefer our “we bag” option know, bagging on a normal day is a challenge by itself. Now imagine racing against the clock, with employees and guests cheering, while trying to put the puzzle pieces together and bag each item correctly to win the highest possible score from our judges! Many participants compared this to a real-life version of Tetris—trying to fill the bags from the bottom up as quickly as possible while more and more items come trickling down the belt. The main difference? Boxes, cans, jars, and soft items don’t always fit together perfectly like the blocks on the screen!

Results from the State Bag-Off Competition in Wisconsin Dells will be available in mid-October. Stay tuned to our Festival Foods Facebook page to see if a Festival Foods bagger places in the top three!



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