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What’s the rush?


I keep hearing people say “I can’t wait for spring to get here” but I wonder what all the rush is about. Sure, winter is no fun but doesn’t life go by fast enough without us wishing it would go faster?

I recently reflected on just how fast life speeds by when my oldest daughter, Sydney, departed for her trip to Spain. We talked via telephone while she and her classmates waited at the airport for their flight to be called. I could tell that the realization she’d spending 10 days on another continent was making her a little uneasy. This trip would be the farthest away from family she had ever been. I shared with her that I, too, had those same feelings once upon a time. At just 22 I was on my way to Australia to play basketball; Australia was so far away from home it may as well have been another planet I was traveling to. I reflect back to my time in Australia and it almost feels like a dream. Did that really happen more than 20 years ago now? The trip to Spain will be a great experience for Sydney and fun times I hope she doesn’t soon forget.

When I find myself rushing through the days and weeks, I remind myself that we need to live each day like it’s the last. The obstacles we are sure to face each and every day aren’t worth the stress they create in our lives. I was recently reminded of how quickly things can change when I saw Keith Brown’s birthday noted on my calendar. Keith, a friend and fellow associate who lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident, would have celebrated his birthday on March 30 if he were still with us today.

So next time life is getting hectic and stressful, I will choose to put a smile on my face as a reminder of how fast life goes by and how there are no guarantees we’ll be around tomorrow to enjoy it!



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