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What’s the big deal about coupons?


coupons1Have you used coupons in the last 24 hours? What about the last 7 days? If you are like the majority of Americans, your answer to both of these questions is probably “yes”. The idea of coupons dates back well over 100 years, and the coupon marketing strategy was first used by Coca Cola in the late 1800’s. Other businesses quickly caught on to this type of advertising, and by 1940 coupons were introduced in grocery stores. Fast forward to 2013, and we now have websites completely devoted to coupons along with television shows documenting customers checking out and saving, literally, hundreds of dollars, during one shopping trip. It’s obvious we have become a coupon-driven society. Knowing how much business is driven by coupons and competitive prices, we would like to remind you of the various coupons available to all of you, our loyal Festival shoppers!


Newspaper Coupons

Copies of the coupons from the Sunday paper are available at the customer service desk. Remember to take a flyer when you start shopping; it gives you the opportunity to see both the coupon and ad items for the week as you check items off your grocery list. When you are checking out, make sure you present these coupons to the cashier.  If the coupons are only referenced, but not handed to the cashier, it increases the potential for error due to the cashier either forgetting to enter the number, or entering the incorrect number. The cashier will scan the barcode printed on the flyer (you don’t even need to cut them out!), which ensures any coupon items you purchased will ring up at the correct price.  An additional $5 purchase is required to use newspaper coupons.


Green sheet Coupons

Green sheet coupons are typically located near the entrance doors or near the customer service desk. While the majority of the items on the green sheet will ring up as priced, each week we have anywhere from 2-6 coupons on the green sheet that will need to be scanned in by your cashier. To be sure we punch in the appropriate discounts, please present this sheet to the cashier with any other coupons you are using. To make your shopping as simple as possible, aisle numbers are printed next to each green sheet item. You do not need an additional $5 purchase to use the greensheet coupons.


coupons2Manufacture Coupons

Manufacture coupons include any coupons you cut out from magazines or print off the internet that are not specifically for Festival. Some manufacture coupons take off $.50-$1.00, others are for a free item, and some others are “buy on get one”. When accepting different manufacture coupons, we always look for a bar code to scan and a valid expiration date. We will honor valid manufacture coupons from the internet for up to $3. If you are looking for manufacture coupons, go to , click on the “Ads/Coupon” tab, then select the “Manufacture Coupons” link with the $ symbol. Printing and clipping coupons from websites like  can lead to great savings!



Text Coupon

Every other week a coupon is sent out via text message to anyone signed up for the mobile texting coupon. The text is sent out on Wednesday, and is valid on Thursday. This coupon is very simple to use—just show your cashier the text when you check out! If you are not currently signed up for this coupon but would like to be, just text “fest” to 96714. This coupon does not require an additional $5 purchase.



coupons4Facebook Fanatic Coupon

This coupon targets all of you who have “liked” the Festival Foods Facebook page! On the first and third Tuesday of every month, a coupon is uploaded to our Facebook page, available for 3 days to print or e-mail to yourself, and is valid through Saturday. This coupon requires an additional $5 purchase and must be presented to the cashier when you check out. For more information on this coupon all you need to do is visit the Festival Foods Facebook page.


Website rewards

The website rewards coupon can be found at .  Although this coupon is not available every week, when it is available you will see an icon for it in the top left corner of the page. If you click the link, it will bring you directly to the coupon, which you can either print or present on your phone to the cashier when you check out. This coupon targets anyone who frequently visits our website.


Weekly Ad Sneak Peak

For a few years we heard guests requesting that we have our ad available prior to Sunday morning so they could start planning their grocery list Friday or Saturday. Our response? “Ask and you shall receive!” We now have a sneak peak of the ad available on our Facebook Page on Friday for the Sunday ad. You will notice there are no prices listed. We cannot list prices in the sneak peak, because prices can vary between markets, and there are times that our prices change between Friday afternoon and Saturday night. The sneak peak shows pictures of the ad and coupon items for Sunday.


The coupons listed above are the main deals we have available at all 17 locations. We hope, by offering coupons through the internet, newspaper, texting, and social media, that we are able to provide you with competitive discounts and deals in a user-friendly style. Remember to present any coupons you have when you get to the checkouts, whether you are using one or all of the above resources. For information about additional coupons available to you at your local Festival Foods, please see an employee at the customer service desk. Happy couponing!

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