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Wellness Wednesday: Totally tomato recipes


Boy oh boy!

You guys don’t mess around when it comes to cooking with tomatoes! When we wrote about Bushel Boy tomatoes from Minnesota we asked for your best tomato-based recipes. And wow! We got some great responses! It didn’t seem right to keep those all to ourselves so we gathered up some of the tomato-inspired recipes you sent to us via this blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.


Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich lovers: 

BLT was a popular — and delicious — idea among those who contributed recipe ideas. From Sara: “Nothing better than a BLT, and with a good tomato to top this sandwich off gives us a taste of summer during the long winter months!” And from Barb: “Year round BLTs!”

Love BLTs, but looking for a unique recipe? Here’s a great BLT recipe close to our hearts that includes not only some delicious tomatoes, but also avocados.

Salsa, sauce and soup makers:

“I like to make marinara sauce from fresh tomatoes, to go with my favorite Italian-style meatballs. Fresh tomatoes always make it tastier!” – Keith Kintner

“I use them to make my fresh salsa, homemade spaghetti sauce, chili, the possibilities are endless.” – Kim Ingenthron

“Homemade fresh tomato soup with herb croutons or oyster crackers is a fast, easy and healthy meal.” – Anne Paape

The creative tomato minds:

“In my grilled cheese! Thin slices!” – @CorreyHope via Twitter

“For breakfast I like to toast a bagel, cover it with hummus, and then add a slice of tomato, a poached egg and chunks of avocado or mozzarella!” – Mary Flinn

“Stuffed tomatoes with chicken or tuna salad; so healthy and gluten free!” – Kris Otto

“Spread pesto on pumpernickel toast and put sliced tomatoes on that! Yum!” – Liz Wiechert

Speaking of creative, here’s a whole list of great tomato-based recipes developed by the Festival Foods team of registered dietitians.

For those who like to play with their food:

“Love to fry tomatoes with garlic salt, parm cheese and oregano. Nothing better. Also do food art with them. My fav pastime!”  – @SnickerDoo2 via Twitter.

BushelBoysTomatoesArt2                 BushelBoysTomatoesArt

We hope you spotted a tomato-based meal or two that you can cook up in the future! We know we sure did.

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