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Festival Foods

We are Thankful For…


thanksWe are thankful for our cart runners. Rain, shine, wind, snow, or blistering hot day they are working hard to keep the parking lot clean and the cart lobby full! Our cart runners help you load groceries into your car, walk you out to your car under an umbrella on rainy days, and are out salting the parking lot during the winter to keep you safe.

We are thankful for our 3rd shift cashiers. While most of us are sleeping, these employees help clean the store from top to bottom and take care of our night owl shoppers! It can be difficult to find long-term, quality individuals to fill this role, and we truly believe we have found the best people.

thanksWe are thankful for our baggers. Bagging is not an easy task, especially when there is $200+ worth of groceries coming down the belt.  Our baggers not only help bag groceries, they also help lift those heavy items out of your carts.

We are thankful for our cashiers. Cashiers greatly impact each guests shopping experience. Whether they call for items to be brought up to the lane, stay an extra hour to help on a busy day, or simply have a meaningful conversation with each guest their job touches the lives of many and we appreciate them.

thanksWe are thankful for our Tot Spot attendants. These associates make grocery shopping an enjoyable experience for both parents and children. Tot Spot employees spend their days making crafts, playing games, and showing praise and love for 30+ children each day.

We are thankful for our high school and college associates. The majority of our front end associates are in school. They balance their time between work, school, family, and friends each week. These employees give 100% each shift, and we commend each of them for taking on the responsibility of a part time job in addition to a full time job(school) while being successful at both!

We are thankful for our front end leaders. Our leaders are the people you see directing traffic on the front end while you check out. These employees have a wide range of responsibilities. They scan liquor for any cashiers younger than 18. They open up extra lanes when it gets busy. They run around the front end at full speed, watching for blinking lights, looking for opportunities to help employees and guests. They also work at the customer service desk and do everything possible to meet your needs and boomerang you back!

We are thankful for our front end team! The front end team works crazy schedules, including nights, weekends, holidays, overnights, and the occasional 10+ hour day when the holidays are here. Many of these employees help staff special events including community parades, Pumpkin Blowout, the Bunny Hop, and food demos throughout the store. Thanks to an average of 80-100 front end employees per store, we are able to operate successfully and positively impact thousands of guests’ shopping experiences each week!

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