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Festival Foods

Von Stiehl Winery

I am proud to introduce our guest blogger Brad Schmiling, a co-owner of the von Stiehl Winery in Algoma, WI.  He certainly has a way with words as you will see. If you have never been to the Von Stiehl Winery in Algoma you will have to make a trip! This place is phenomenal with outstanding service and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Their Associates will wow you with their wine knowledge and expertise. They take the old adage of exceeding the guest expectations to the next level. You will want to grab a bottle of wine when you are done reading this one! Jeff Peters, Director of Wine and Spirits Thank you to Jeff for allowing me to tell you a bit about our wines. White Stiletto is a dry blend of Chardonnay, Traminette, and Sauvignon Blanc, was released in May and was awarded a gold medal from the Tasters Guild International wine competition. More than 500 cases of this wine have already been consumed by the public, with more available throughout the summer. The fresh, bountiful aroma of apricot and honey gets right to the point. Enjoy this flavorful off-dry white wine with salads, quiche, and shrimp cocktail. Back Label Description: Classy, not trashy, this white stiletto won't be found on a laminate bar top or at the bottom of neon pink fishnet thigh highs. The '80's were fun, but you've moved on. You're not a B-list movie star or an aficionado of imitation leather anymore. Whether in a white ball gown, beautiful evening wear, or a wedding dress, thin and long white stilettos will complement the ultimate class portrayed by sipping this wine. Pity the man who doesn't appreciate looking up to you while these babies are under your heels; simply look down your nose at him as he stands in the shadow of your smile. The fresh, bountiful aroma of apricot and honey gets right to the point. Enjoy this flavorful off-dry white wine with salads, quiche, and shrimp cocktail. Sangria: For the past two years, a sangria blend of Naughty Girl was available on tap at the annual Ladies’ Fest celebration on the weekend following July 4th. Winemaker Aric Schmiling improved on the formula for the bottled release of Sassy Sangria for Ladies’ Fest this year. When asked about the timing, Aric responded, tongue in cheek, “Jamie and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary on the day of the festival, so this one’s for her!” Sassy Sangria is a blend of fruit juices and two wines, Cabernet Franc and Concord. Back Label Description: Her time has come! She worked hard all year and gets just a few chances in summer to let go and loosen up. No need to take this Sassy Sangria out for an elegant evening, she’s much happier on a blanket on the beach, at home on the patio, or by a camp fire on a starlit night. Soak up the taste of orange, pineapple, and passion fruit in this flavorful semi-sweet red. Sassy Sangria is sweet and easy while being full and flavorful. She’s not just everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman, but all that you need in a summer wine! Turn up the tunes, slap on some sunscreen, and serve her over ice because she’s ready to chill out under a hot sun!

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