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Viva Paper Towel Holiday Napkin Art

We love all things local. That’s why we love Viva paper towels for our holiday essentials. The Wisconsin brand is introducing a special-edition premium paper towel with a variety of patterns like knitwork, plaid, and snowflakes.

We all know any holiday can’t happen without a little mess. And who wants to deal with dirty towels and laundry on top of an already stressful time? That’s why paper towels are our go-to for holiday clean up. Viva paper towels are strong and sturdy, yet soft and smooth - strong enough for tough stains and soft enough you could even use them as a napkin.

This holiday season we’re upping our game and wowing our guests at the dinner table with napkin art.  Take a peak!

Want to get even more out of your paper towels? Tip Time!

  1. Cleaning up after cooking a large meal can be tricky when you just want to relax. We suggest cleaning up as you go. A superhero product is Viva Paper Towel: incredibly absorbent and easy to grab
  2. Using paper towels for napkins on your holiday table means no cloth napkins, leading to less laundry.
  3. Replace your kitchen towel with a roll of paper towels beside the kitchen sink to help keep you and your guests happy and healthy throughout the holiday season.
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