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Festival Foods

Two Winning Teams


What a great time to live in Green Bay! I want to congratulate the Green Bay Packers organization on a great season; their title run was amazing and Festival Foods is proud to be a sponsor of the Green Bay Packers organization.

I am asked at times why Festival Foods sponsors the Packers and I think this season is a great example of why we do it. While we realize the Packers won’t win a Super Bowl at the end of every season, the organization is built on a championship mentality. They strive to be the best at what they do – just like we do at Festival! The Packers value teamwork, have a commitment to excellence, and appreciate their fans. Each and every associate in our stores is important to our team, our goal is to exceed expectations, and we appreciate our guests because we know we couldn’t do it without them. There are so many similarities between Festival Foods and the Packers and we’re proud to be a sponsor.

An NFL team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl without being a close group, a group that has overcome adversity and pushed on, a group that has a special bond that goes past “just doing their job”. While I visited stores this past week, I saw the same sort of things with our Festival associates. Co-workers interacting with one another in a way that lets you know it’s more than just a job for them, communicating and working together toward a common goal, and really caring about each other as individuals. When a group of teammates comes together in a great culture, good things will happen – on a football field or in a grocery store.

I am so thankful to be associated with two winning teams – Festival Foods and the Green Bay Packers!

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