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Festival Foods

Tis the Season

The Festival Foods floral and produce departments are filling up with beautiful poinsettias. All of the stores have been very creative and I know you will enjoy these massive displays. Poinsettias make a wonderful gift as well as a great seasonal touch for your own home. If you don’t care for the traditional red poinsettia, we also have a variety of specialty colors with glitter that may catch your eye. I would like everyone to enjoy their plants as long as possible, so I gathered some “Poinsettia Dos and Don’ts” from our grower to help you through the season: DO- Place your plant in indirect sunlight for at least six hours per day. DO- Provide room temperatures between 68 and 70 degrees. If you are comfortable, so is your poinsettia. DO- Water you plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. DO- Use a large bag to protect your plant when transporting it in the cold. Please ask your cashier for one as you check out. DO- Fertilize your plant after the blooming season with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer. DON’T – Place plants near cold drafts or excessive heat. DON’T- Expose plants to temperatures below 50 degrees DON’T – Overwater your plant, or allow it to sit in standing water. DON’T- Fertilize your plant when it is in bloom. I hope that these tips are helpful and that your poinsettia lasts far into the New Year.

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