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Festival Foods

#TipTuesday: Waxy olives

Picture it: It's Pizza Night at your house! You're making a gorgeous homemade pizza and you need to top it off with some pitted black olives so ... you crack open a can of olives and find what appear to be some “questionable” ones inside. You know, those that appear to be kind of covered in a waxy, sort of slimy-looking film?


We asked Stephanie Teclaw, our company's Quality Assurance & Regulatory Manager, about this phenomenon. Here's what she had to say: Don’t be alarmed! It’s a totally natural process that the olive goes through. Based on the time of harvest, olives can expend an unusual amount of oil, resulting in a filmy type wax that covers the olive. Just wash up those babies and that film should come off in a jiffy, leaving you with perfectly good black olives that go very nicely on your already beautiful pizza! muff So olive away! We can help with this delicious list of great olive-based recipes, including one-pot orzo pasta with feta, olives and artichokes as well as muffaletta salad and Greek potato salad. Mediterranean-Barley-Salad1    
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