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Festival Foods

Third Shift
3rdshiftSo many new brews and so little time.  The latest to intrigue me, as well as show up in my fridge, is Third Shift Amber Lager.  Right away the beer has my attention with an interesting background story.  Third Shift was born of the passion and creativity of a group of professional brewers who wanted to craft their own signature beer. However, the only time they had available to brew was during the third shift at the brewery.  After numerous late nights and a bit of experimentation they came up with an award winning beer named after the countless nights they spent on the Third Shift perfecting this amber lager.  In fact, the product was so good that Third Shift won gold medals at both the 2010 Great American Beer Festival and the 2012 World Beer Cup.  Sounds promising to me…

Time to see if the product delivers. Third Shift pours a clear, golden amber hue with a consistent slightly off-white foam head. As I bring the glass to my nose the aroma is not over powering with slight toasty notes, hints of caramel, and some subtle hop spice.  The beer tickles the taste buds with a delicious roasted malt sweetness and a hint of caramel. Then finishes with just the right amount of carbonation and just the slightest hop bitterness to help balance out the sweetness of the malt.

I could definitely go for a couple more of these! And now so can you as this beer is now available at your local Festival Foods.  For an even more amazing Third Shift experience, pair this beer with many of the signature Festival Foods “grillable” meat items, such as, Festy burgers, Oktoberfest brats, Ribs on a Stick, or even the Burgundy Pepper Spoon Roast for an amazing food and beer pairing!

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