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Festival Foods

The Very Freshest Flowers


About a year ago Festival began a partnership with Krueger Wholesale Florists. Since then, Krueger has been supplying us with all of our fresh cut flowers. I believe that our stores now have some of the nicest looking and longest lasting flowers available. But, where are they grown and why are they so fresh?

Most of the cut flowers we receive are grown in Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is located on a big plateau 8,600 feet above sea-level which creates an ideal climate for growing flowers year-round. There are no real seasons, just the “rainy season” and the “dry season”. Every day is like fall– the temperatures range from 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit all year-round. This is great for their greenhouses because no heating is required nor do the plants get too hot. Because Bogota is at such a high elevation the flowers also get the benefit of very bright and intense sunlight to help them grow.

But how can they be so fresh when they are grown so far away and transported here? Well, they really do get to us pretty fast. First, every bouquet we sell is cut fresh to order. Second, the system we have in place with Krueger is very efficient. Here is a timeline example:

  • The flowers are picked to order in Colombia on Thursday
  • They arrive in Miami, Florida on Friday
  • Krueger picks them up on Saturday
  • The trucks arrive in Wisconsin on Sunday
  • The flowers go onto the shelves at Festival on Monday

It really is amazing how quickly they get here and that’s the reason we can offer a 5 Day In-Home Guarantee on our blooms. I’m really proud to sell these flowers and even bring them home to my own wife (that is, when I remember of course).

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