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The Great Bag Off Challenge!



Bagging is not an easy task on an ordinary day. With each guest, baggers try to keep like items together, distribute weight as evenly as possible between bags, and still fulfill any special requests from the guest, all while keeping pace with the cashier. Every year we give baggers the opportunity to take this challenge a couple steps further by participating in the annual bag off! Baggers are still expected to meet the expectations listed above, but a little more pressure is added—a stopwatch, a crowd of 50+ people, and incentive to advance to the state bag off competition, with the possibility of competing at the national bag off in Las Vegas!


This year we had over 100 baggers compete in different markets throughout the state. Some have been baggers for just a few months; others have been baggers for a few years. We cheered with anticipation of who would advance to Wisconsin Dells for the state competition while each bagger worked at lightning speed to fit the various grocery items into just two cloth bags! They used strategy and logic under pressure, making sure glass jars weren’t placed in any of the bags four corners, eggs didn’t crack open, and using heavy items to fill the base of the bag so lighter items weren’t crushed.

1175056_10152107553341038_1731056270_nAfter giving all 100+ participants their chance to win, we waited patiently while the judges tallied scores, determining which baggers were the best! The top 3 finalists for each market were announced. Congratulations to Seth  (Holmen), Allie (Onalaska), Arrie (Onalaska), Shakira (Manitowoc), Ryan (Oshkosh), Austin (Manitowoc), Jack (Northland), Alexandra (Green Bay East), and Matthew (DePere), who will all be advancing to the state bag off competition in Wisconsin Dells!

While this competition requires each participating bagger to compete against their fellow employees, team work, team spirit, energy, and enthusiasm were evident throughout the whole competition. Some teams dressed up in a “uniform” outside of their normal work attire, and creative signs were everywhere to cheer on each bagger! Thank you to everyone who participated in this exciting event, and best of luck to all of our baggers who will soon be competing for a trip to Las Vegas and a chance to show the nation that Festival Foods really is #1!

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