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The Battle of Counterfeit Coupons


Back when coupons were distributed primarily through the newspaper, cashiers didn’t have to worry if coupons were valid or not. Things have definitely changed. We received notice from the Coupon Information Corporation ( ) of 70 or more counterfeit coupons being circulated via the internet, in one week alone.

Advancements in technology have made coupons more readily available and the recent economic downturn has triggered a 27 percent jump in coupon usage (which is the 1st increase from the year prior in 17 years). The combination of both presents an opportunity for criminals to create their own coupons and/or change information on old coupons to make them appear valid.

Innocent people can become victims of coupon scams too. If you receive an e-mail from a friend with an attached coupon for a free product, you may think it’s a great deal. That is until you find out at the cash register that it’s counterfeit.

At Festival Foods, we recognize that our guests are increasingly turning to the internet to find coupons that will help them to stretch their dollar. In an effort to make using printable internet coupons a positive experience for our guests and to help prevent the abuse of counterfeit coupons in our stores, we follow the following guidelines:

  • We will accept valid internet coupons with values up to $3
  • We will accept all coupons from
  • We do not accept “free product” coupons

If you come across a coupon that sounds too good to be true it’s probably a good idea to check its validity with the manufacturer or at the customer service desk before you reach the checkout.

For more great ways to save, check out the coupon offers available under the “Ads/Coupons” tab at

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