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Take Time to Appreciate Those Special People and Moments in your Life


As someone who enjoys playing and watching sports, I am often reminded of athletes who learn to excel by “seeing the game slower.” While seeing things slower can help improve athletic performance, I think there is also a useful correlation here to the busy holiday season. Just like you perhaps, I know that if I’m not careful I can quickly end up with my head spinning during this time of the year. How does one keep things on an even keel? I think by taking a cue from successful athletes—by slowing things down and, in the case of the holiday season, taking the time to appreciate the little or special things around us each day. For example, whether it’s a family member, friend or someone else, most of us easily have a number of people who help us and make our lives a little more special each day. This is a great time to show our appreciation to these individuals and the things they do for us. At Festival, we can’t directly help “slow things down” in your life in general but we can offer some things—such as our in-store child care service and our website that allows customers to do meal planning and preparation and to create lists of coupons—that might help add more time to your life so you can slow it down a bit and focus on the things that make your life special.  Christmas will be here very soon. I’m hoping you get a chance, as busy as things will get, to slow it down and appreciate those special people and moments in your life during this time of the year. Best wishes for a happy and meaningful holiday season!

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