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Festival Foods

Sweet Tooth Versus Health


It seems these days we’re all trying to eat healthier, but we’re all torn between health and our sweet tooth.

Over the last few months, I’ve discussed this with customers shopping in our Bakery Department. Some of them tend to stay away from donuts and other sweets completely while others would consider eating more bakery items if we offered a healthier version.

One guest said, “If I’m going to eat a donut I want it to taste like a donut, every delicious bite! I know it might not be the best for me but I don’t care, it’s my one indulgence.”

With the majority of our shoppers split over this topic it is tough to choose a direction, but I can assure you this: our bakers will make sure that each of you will receive the best tasting and highest quality product available.

Please share your thoughts with us on healthy sweets versus the good old indulgent standbys. We can never get too much guest feedback. Your thoughts and ideas help us shape our program and products to better serve you.

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