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Festival Foods

Sunday Hot Ham

I was recently re-introduced to our “Sunday Hot Ham.” Given that I work at Festival and am very involved with the deli, I’m sure it sounds odd that I had to be re-introduced to this very popular item.  What I mean is my wife recently came home from a Sunday morning shopping trip to Festival and had purchased a pound of hot ham (bonus- free hard rolls!), planning to make a quick and easy lunch.  We both work and have two young daughters so finding something that we all like that can be made without any fuss is great. I made the sandwiches without really paying much attention to what I was doing.  I took a bite of the sandwich and when the freshness and flavor hit me I thought to myself “WOW that is REALLY good!”   I had to take look at the bags of each of the products just to see what it was and was pleased to see it was our Sunday hot ham.  I have eaten it many times before but had never really appreciated how good it really is, especially when teamed with the bakery fresh hard rolls.  I’m not sure if I was really hungry- or if the sandwich tasted THAT good, but I finished it off and promptly ate a second one. It was just as tasty as the first! My 6 year old and 3 year old ate most of what they had without comment about the flavor but it was most interesting to me that they actually ate most of the sandwich without any prompting or “deal making.”  Getting two kids to agree on anything is next to impossible and to see them eating and enjoying the sandwich is just a simple pleasure that only parents can appreciate! I was excited that I was able to step back and really enjoy the quality of the products that we sell and look at it from a shopper’s perspective.   As a Festival associate, I sometimes get so involved in the mechanics of running the deli that I forget how quick, easy, and convenient it is to shop at the Festival deli.  I know that I will no longer take for granted that our associates work hard to prepare the food so my family and I can enjoy a delicious (and peaceful!) meal together.

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