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Festival Foods

Stocking Our Shelves


I love the holidays! The season allows me time to get into the aisles more often and focus on helping our guests. While helping in the aisles at one of our busier stores I was again reminded that not everyone who shops our store understands the work that goes into keeping our shelves full each day. I was asked by a self-proclaimed longtime shopper of Festival Foods: “Why doesn’t Festival stock shelves at night so you don’t have people in the way while I am trying to¬† shop?”

Well the answer to that is we do stock all night long. The backbone of our grocery departments are the fine people who work while we are all fast asleep tucked into our beds. Depending on store size, our 3rd shift team stocks anywhere from 500-1400 cases of groceries during the night. When they are finished stocking the regular grocery load that comes in that night they then “face” the entire store. Facing is very tedious job that ensures a better shopping experience for our guests. They pull every item to the front lip of the shelf so you can reach and see what you are looking for easier.

The stocking that is done during the day throughout the night is just maintaining and keeping up with the days sales. We will continue to put an emphasis on being in stock no matter what time of day you shop and we will also do our best to keep the aisles clutter free.

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