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Festival Foods

SKS Artisan Breads


At Festival, we’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations. I would like to introduce our newest line of items from our in-store scratch bakeries: SKS Estates Artisan Breads.

You may or may not know that the SKS private label brand is named after our CEO Mark Skogen’s daughters, Sydney and Kennedy. What started out as our first private label fine wine, Sapphire Riesling, has grown into an entire line of SKS products including: wine, cheese, smokehouse sausage, cheesecake and now artisan bread.

The dazzling aroma of freshly baked bread will fill the air as you take a stroll through the Festival Foods Bakery Department. Let us help you become a true “master of meals” while treating your family or guests to the true flavor of “made from scratch” with us doing all of the work and you getting all the credit! SKS breads are handcrafted by our bakers just for you. What makes the different is our special attention to ingredients, the baking process, and a return to age-old bread making fundamentals.

Wisconsin Five Cheese is our best seller; 30% of the loaf is packed with fresh Wisconsin cheeses. Currently we offer 13 different varieties packaged and ready to go for your convenience. All of our bakeries also have warm fresh SKS Artisan Bread at 2pm every day in the self-serve case where you can hand-pick your perfect loaf. Our stores bake the breads two to four times per day, so you know it will always be fresh!

Here is the complete list of the SKS Artisan Bread line:
Crusty Roma
Multigrain Italian
Olive Loaf
Hot Pepper & Corn Cheese
Multigrain Harvest Seed
Mustard Dill
Asiago & Fresh Garlic
Wisconsin Five Cheese
Bacon Rosemary
Crusty French
Crusty Wheat French

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