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Shopping Cart Cleanliness: It’s a thing
carts Shopping carts. They're kind of a key part of the whole grocery shopping experience, right? You may have noticed that our company is slowly transitioning all of our locations to new plastic carts and we’ve gotten great feedback on them! They’re composed of heavy duty plastic and ride as smooth as your Grandfather’s Cadillac. They even feature cup holders to hold your favorite beverages for your Tour de Festival. Although it varies for each store, we get thousands of guests through all of our stores. That’s a lot of people … and a lot of hands, purses, babies, children, newspapers, etc., that come in contact with our shopping carts. Festival’s Food Safety Team knows germs well which is why our team members want to remind you about the sanitary wipes we make available at each of our locations. They can -- and should -- be used to wipe down your carts before you start your shopping. wipte   Our cart wet wipes are free -- just for you! They’re conveniently located in the entry way of each of our stores and may be used to wipe down the handle, the sides of the cart and the infant seat in the front of your cart. These wet wipes help destroy harmful bacteria including Salmonella and Staphylococcus and are also effective against many cold and flu viruses.
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