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Shopping at Festival Foods is now Essential Everyday!


No, you aren’t required to shop with us every day (although many of you do!); my title refers to our new store brand, “Essential Everyday.”

Everyone is familiar with the store brand, or private label, “Flavorite” that has been around since 1975.  Flavorite branded items are synonymous with great products and great value.  When Super Valu became the supplier for Festival Foods in 2003, we were really excited to offer Flavorite to our shoppers.

Times are changing and so is Flavorite.  Well, the name is changing but not the product.  You may have noticed some great new packaging on the shelves called Essential Everyday.  Well, Essential Everyday is Flavorite with a makeover.  We all need to change our look now and then and food products are no different.   I think the new look is very modern and also shows that this is a high-quality product.  About 15% of shoppers in the United States buy store brands, although in other countries such as Australia, this can be as high as 80%.  We’re hoping this new name and the change in packaging will help more people discover that you can save money without sacrificing taste when buying Essential Everyday!

The top selling store brand products are:

* Granulated Sugar

* Cooking Oil

* Can Vegetables

* Dried Rice and Beans

* Pasta

* Butter

However, there are over 1,000 different products available; you will see them all switching from Flavorite to Essential Everyday over the course of the year.  Give them a try, I know you will find them comparable to name brands but at a better price!

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