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September is National Coupon Month


Personally, I associate the month of September with things like going back to school, the official start of the football season, remembering 9/11, and Grandparents Day.  While reading a recent e-mail communication from the Food Marketing Institute’s dailyLead®, I learned that National Coupon Month was missing from my list.

I hate to admit that there was a time when I thought coupons would become a thing of the past.   I think the following list of coupon facts published at confirms that I was wrong. Coupons are actually more popular than ever!

1.    Coupon redemption in the first half of 2010 increased by 7.9%, outpacing results in the first half of 2009. Consumers saved nearly $2 billion with coupons during this time frame.1

2.    Coupon distribution in the first half of 2010 increased by 11.4%. Marketers offered 18 billion more consumer packaged goods coupons during this time period.1

3.    93% of shoppers said they will remain cautious and keep spending at their current level, even if the economy improves.2

4.    92% of shoppers have changed their grocery shopping behavior in the last two years.2

5.    97% of consumers want to know the cost of the item before buying.3

6.    CPG marketers continue to allocate the largest share of coupons — 85% — in the free-standing insert (FSI).1

7.    In 2010, the Internet continues to grow at a much faster pace than all other distribution media, up 79% from a year ago, but it represents 1.2% of all coupon distribution.1

8.    91% of shoppers would walk away from the “perfect sweater” if it wasn´t on sale. 73% would come back later during a sale with a store coupon; and 19% would go to the sale racks instead.4

9.    CPG distribution increased by 11% in 2009 (311 billion coupons distributed) — the largest single-year distribution quantity recorded.5

10.  Consumers redeemed nearly 3.2 billion coupons — a 23% increase (second largest increase in coupon redemption ever recorded) in 2009.5

11.  Consumers saved nearly $3.5 billion with coupons in 2009, an increase of $800 million or nearly 30% more than the prior year.5

12.  51% of consumers indicate they will consider each purchase more carefully over the next five years. (Nearly as many say that they will become more price-conscious when buying clothing/food and that keeping a balanced budget will remain in the forefront).6

13.  65% of shoppers use cents-off coupons received in the mail or from newspapers/magazines.7

14.  In 2009, 88% of consumers said they used coupons when planning shopping lists; an increase of 10% from 2007.5

15.  73% (3 out of 4) of shoppers stock up on an item when they find a bargain.7

16.  42% of shoppers are more likely to buy private label in 2010

17.  One year ago, 66% of consumers (a record number) were focused on needs over wants; 60% in Jan. 2010 — an indicator that consumer spending — at least on impulses or non-necessities — is likely to remain tight during Q1 of 2010.6

18.  The projected redemption value of U.S. online coupons delivered via the Internet, e-mail and mobile in 2010 is $12.7 billion10

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I realize that seeking coupons and deals is not only commonplace but for many it’s become a necessary part of grocery shopping during these tough economic times. I want you to know that our Festival team is continually exploring and evaluating new avenues to offer our guests more ways to save when shopping at our stores. In addition to the many “Ways to Save” listed below, we have recently launched our Mobile Club. If you would like to become a member, just text “fest” to 28553 to take advantage of exclusive savings sent directly to your mobile device.

Ways to Save Flyer

At Skogen’s Festival Foods our mission is to develop a team of associates dedicated to providing our customers with a clean store, friendly people quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience “for not a lotta money”.

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