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Festival Foods

Saying thanks!



It’s the season of giving thanks! Social media and the internet have created numerous ways to promote thankfulness — think 30-Day Thankfulness Challenge or the 30 Days of Being Thankful.

For us at Festival Foods this time of year, we’re thankful for our loyal guests, our hard working vendor partners and our amazing front end associates — just to name a few. Last month, we received great feedback about our associates from hundreds of guests through our guest survey, website as well as social media. Here’s just a sample:

“Delores A.” and “Dori” are by far my favorite cashiers. They are always quick and friendly but also will look things up or double-check if needed.”

Checkout was fantastic …  cashier (Sandy G?) and the bagger in that lane were spectacular… friendly, helpful, fun, and willing to meet my special requests. I had two huge orders, this one and previous receipt for about $230, and the entire process was painless. Have met many super people at this store and these two ladies went above and beyond!


 Emily and Elizabeth helped us out. They were so helpful our cart was one of the smaller ones and was too small to fit the big box so Elizabeth went and actually got us a cart and the other girl was so nice and talk to us and help us out and it was a busy day before Thanksgiving and they just took the extra time to make us feel very valued! And then they returned our smaller cart to talk about going above and beyond how nice.

I rang bells for Salvation Army tonight. From my spot in the entry-way I was able to watch your employees and was sooooo impressed with a young man named Dakota. He was bagging, and he never stopped moving. He was always busy doing something and had great interaction with not only the other employees, but each and every customer he encountered. What a great smile and great energy! A valuable asset to your company!


Calvin was collecting carts from the parking lot. Calvin was very courteous and conscientious of the shoppers. He always has a pleasant smile while he waited patiently for customers to move out of the way. He was hardworking and really kept moving.

 I shopped at Festival Foods store on Green Bay’s west side this afternoon and when I got home realized I didn’t have my purse. In a panic, I returned to the store parking lot where I had left my cart and found associate Carlos gathering carts and asked him if he had seen a black purse in any of the shopping carts. Carlos confirmed he had just brought my purse into the store’s customer service counter. He graciously walked with me into the store and to the counter where I was so relieved to find my purse. You should be very proud to have an honest and kind person like Carlos on your team – he made my day! Be assured I will keep coming back to Festival for my grocery shopping thanks to people like Carlos!

Aug. 20, 2015 work phone 200

Those are just a few reasons we’re saying thanks to our associates across all departments in stores, including our cashiers, baggers and cart runners.

Thank you for living the Boomerang Principle and delivering excellent service to our guests. Thank you for your dedication during a very busy time of year. Thank you for being friendly, personable and helping guests who were once strangers feel like family. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for coming in early, staying late, and working some crazy shifts during this holiday season.

Thank you for delivering results, making work fun, and making an impact in our communities. We appreciate you!

Do you have a story about a Festival Foods associate who helped make your experience in our stores — or at home with our products — that much more enjoyable? Tell us about it! You can leave a comment here, post it to our Facebook page or tweet us @festfoods on Twitter.

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