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Round Two: Combating Counterfeit Coupons


Our team at Skogen’s Festival Foods understands the importance of executing our “Boomerang Theory”. Because of this, we’ve made exceptions to our Internet Coupon Policy in the past. Unfortunately, the continued increase in counterfeit coupons from the internet has forced us to eliminate the exceptions and follow our Internet Coupon Redemption Policy.

Eliminating the exceptions was not an easy decision. We realize that although most “free product” internet coupons are counterfeit, not all are. Although there were times, when the exceptions resulted in a positive experience, there were just as many that resulted in frustration, embarrassment, confusion and delays in the check out process, making it a negative experience for our guests. Unfortunately, a quick and accurate validation system is not yet available which has lead to many retailers implementing similar guidelines for accepting internet (print at home) coupons.

After much discussion and review of internet coupon acceptance, we feel that this new policy, stated below, is the best way to eliminate the confusion. The end result is to make using “valid” printable internet coupons a more positive experience for our guests as well as to help us do our part to prevent the abuse of counterfeit coupons.

Below is a flyer that we’ll distribute to our guests over the next few weeks when internet coupons are presented during checkout. We’re currently working on putting a more complete list of our coupon acceptance guidelines on our website.

Thanks so much for your understanding!


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