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Festival Foods

Recipe Revamp


I would like to try something new on my blog that I will refer to as “Recipe Revamp.” The general idea is that I will take your recipe suggestions and make some modifications. I will either try to enhance the nutrition by adding or replacing ingredients, or I will attempt to decrease the calorie and/or fat content (while still keeping it delicious, of course!). My thought is to feature one recipe per month — I think it is best to start slow and see how it goes.

What I am hoping is that all of you will send me a favorite recipe. Please include the ingredients, detailed directions, number it serves, and what you make it for (e.g., easy dinner, dinner on a budget, dessert, side dish, appetizer, etc.). You can also choose whether you want your name noted with your submitted recipe or wish to remain anonymous. You can submit your recipe using the “Ask a Nutritionist” feature on our website. Your email will go directly to me — I look forward to hearing from you!

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