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Festival Foods

Rain, Rain, Go Away!


cloudssunHave you ever left your house on a sunny 75 degree day only to watch dark storm clouds rolling in during the middle of your errands? Have you ever tried to plan ahead, hoping to get your grocery shopping done before a huge storm only to hear the crackle of lightening, rumble of thunder, and pouring rain half way through your shopping list? Or, maybe, after a very long winter, you realize once you drive in to the parking lot that you have 3 different snow/ice scrapers in your car, but nothing to protect you from the rain that is inevitable now that spring is finally here.

Festival Foods

The storm clouds are rolling in!

Festival Foods is prepared for situations like those listed above! Living in Wisconsin, we understand weather can be unpredictable and change in a matter of minutes. One thing we can predict is with spring weather finally here, rain and thunderstorms are sure to follow. In order to best serve our guests and help everyone stay dry, we offer umbrella service!

Anytime it is raining we have umbrellas available in our exit lobby for all of our guests. In addition to providing umbrellas, we do our best to staff the area with a friendly employee who will either hand out umbrellas for guests to borrow or walk guests out to their car with an umbrella in hand to keep guests and groceries dry. After years of rain, thunderstorms, and at times torrential downpours, this service has gotten quite popular! For this reason, we are now equipped with 6-10 umbrellas at every Festival Foods location to best meet guest requests.


The kids are prepared but let’s keep the groceries dry!

Whether you prefer to borrow an umbrella on your way to your car and drop it off at the doors on your way out of the parking lot or have an employee walk to your car with you and assist you with your groceries, this service is sure to keep you dry and make your shopping experience convenient in weather that doesn’t always cooperate with your schedule!

 For those of you who would prefer to have your own umbrella, we have travel size umbrellas for sale in multiple colors at all locations. These umbrellas can be found on the black racks by the checkouts for only $6.49. 


Stay dry- ask for personalized umbrella service!

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