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Produce Weather Alert!


Many of you have probably seen the video from Los Angeles of people complaining about the “deep freeze” and most of us laughed that they are wearing arctic clothing when the temps dropped to 50.  While we hardy folks in Wisconsin can handle the cold, many areas of the country have never experienced the frigid weather they have been hit with.  People can bundle up but unfortunately produce can’t which will cause some disruptions in our department.

Visitors to the Santa Monica Pier had to bundle up!

The major produce growing areas of Southern California and Yuma, AZ, have been facing some very challenging weather this January.

The deep drop in temperatures follows the warmest December ever seen in California with morning frost present in nearly all growing areas.  This has caused severe supply, quality, and harvesting challenges. Daily harvests have been starting late as they wait for frost to clear and yields have been very, very low. The problems are widespread in the Yuma Valley where the majority of the vegetable industry’s products are sourced during these winter months.

We will most likely see supply and quality issues on all products currently coming out of this area for the next couple weeks. Fresh produce items including Broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce and all leaf lettuce items will be affected. Production on some varieties on salads will be limited, while others may be temporarily discontinued all together.

Frost covered romaine lettuce in Yuma

I appreciate your patience and please know that, as always, we are making every effort to find the best quality product at the best possible price.

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