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Festival Foods

Pre-Made vs “Home-Made”


I have been talking to several people about pre-made vs homemade types of products.  The general feel is that most people view and think of homemade type items as being better and I am one of those in the “homemade is better” category.  However, over the years I have taken part in many tastings in which we compare products against each other and I now realize that it really depends on the product and how it is prepared rather than where it comes from.

There are MANY very good quality pre-made products out there that folks would guess are homemade.  In fact, some companies hand-make the products and use very good ingredients but mass produce these items for re-sale while other companies may make the products in house but use inferior ingredients, lack good execution by their team and produce a product that is cheap and not very tasteful.

At Festival Foods, we make more items in house than typical supermarkets. In fact, about 90% of our deli items are prepared in-house. Our mission is to have a great quality product while being cost conscious as we feel that is what our guests have come to expect from us.   We do have some pre-made items brought in but we don’t take a transition like that lightly, the already prepared items that we purchase need to be ones that we feel good about.  We put a lot of effort into ensuring the best quality products are sold in our deli, whether we make it or bring it in from one of our vendor partners. If they aren’t up to our strict standards we won’t carry them because we know our guests expect more from us.

We take pride in our fresh deli salads, spreads, sandwiches, and Heat and Eat selections and hope that you enjoy them as well. Stop by our deli and let us know what you think, we are always looking for feedback from our loyal shoppers so we can continue to meet the needs of you and your family.

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