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Festival Foods

Pop Up Timers


Have you ever paid a lot of money for a beautiful Prime Rib Roast and over-cooked it? Maybe you had friends over and it wrecked your whole meal because the roast was still raw when you pulled it out of the oven?

This doesn’t have to happen anymore! When you shop in our Meat Department and select a Beef or Pork Roast, or even a Stuffed Chicken, you can rest assured that your meal will turn out great every time. Why? Because we have pop up timers we can insert into your meat that will pop up when they reach your desired doneness.

  • Yellow: 138 degrees
    • Rare Beef
  • Orange: 145 degrees
    • Medium Rare Beef
  • Green: 155 degrees
    • Medium Beef or Pork Roasts
  • Blue: 165 degrees
    • Well Done Beef
  • Red: 180 degrees
    • Chicken and Turkey

Never again do you have to worry about how long to cook your Pot Roast or any other meat item in the oven. Talk to one of Festival’s Meat Department associates today to try a pop up timer!

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