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Picnic season is in full swing!
Summer is here and the picnic season is in full swing!  Potato salad and its many variations will be front and center for nearly every get together during the next 3 months.   No matter what part of the Midwest you live in, I’m sure that you have eaten potato salad.  Everyone has a family favorite recipe with almost limitless choices in flavor and ingredients. The Festival Foods deli carries many varieties of potato salad in our rotation (Grandma’s, Steakhouse, and Bleu Cheese to  name a few) so your favorite is sure to be available in our expansive deli case.  My favorite and our best seller is “Our Own Potato Salad”.  I cannot count the number of times that I have been talking to someone and when they find out I work at Festival the next words they say are “I love your potato salad!”   Although I get to hear it repeatedly I never tire of seeing their face light up as they are saying it.   The quality of the product is second to none and more often than not when I give a sample to a guest that hasn’t ever tried it (most likely they just moved to town :) the reaction is “That’s great, I’ll take a pound!” Quality products is what we believe in so I invite you to stop by and pick up some potato salad for your next get together- I would love for you to email and give me your review!
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