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Festival Foods

Our Checkouts are Changing


In addition to excellent customer service while grocery shopping, many guests look for speedy and efficient cashiers at the checkouts. We recently made some changes to increase speed and provide better service to our guests.

Last month, we eliminated the signature on credit card purchases less than $25. This change not only helped keep checkout lines moving faster, we also heard from many guests that it made us more consistent with other retailers while still allowing us to maintain our high standards of customer service. After hearing lots of positive feedback from both our guests and employees at all 16 stores, we continued looking for more ways to increase productivity and speed at the checkouts.

During the last few weeks, our Appleton stores have been testing another exciting change that will soon rollout at all Festival locations. We are no longer printing the signature slips that go with credit, debit, and check transactions, or the third slip that prints with gift cards showing the cashier the remaining balance on the card. Guests still get their receipt, and anytime a gift card is used they will get a receipt with the balance. The slips that have been eliminated are those that the cashier previously had to keep.

This change has been significant for a couple of reasons. Approximately ¾ of the transactions we do each day are paid for electronically. Prior to this change, cashiers were taking a few seconds after every electronic transaction to sort the slip into the appropriate slot in their media bag. Cashiers can now spend that time talking to the next guest in line and starting the next transaction. Also, by printing fewer slips at the checkouts, we are saving a substantial amount of receipt paper, about 3-4 inches of paper for each electronic transaction to be exact. Going through less paper has helped us in our effort to “go green”, and certainly saved money, since we go through much less receipt paper now than before.

Within a few days of testing this idea in the Appleton market, we knew it was going to be a positive change. However, like any other change or upgrade, we have waited a few weeks before rolling it out at all locations. This has given us time to get feedback from guests and employees, and fix any issues without interrupting business at all of our stores. As mentioned previously, we are happy to report that guests and employees alike are happy with this change. We hope that those of you who shop at our other locations will continue having an enjoyable shopping experience at Festival and appreciate the increased speed and efficiency at the checkouts.

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