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New Amsterdam Vodka Blog Entry


I can’t believe that fall is right around the corner- this year has been flying by! It is about time for the leaves to change colors, the beginning of Indian summer, and of course, football! IWhen I think football, I think of tailgating or a great BBQ at home for the game.  Cheering on my favorite team turns into an all day affair.

One way that I like to start off any event is with a Bloody Mary.  I love to make mine a salad in a glass by adding a lot of great items.  Beef stick, shrimp, mushrooms, pickle, string cheese, olive and, of course, a great tasting vodka!

There is a new addition to my tailgating team this year:  New Amsterdam Vodka. This is a new release that is available at all of our stores and it is smoooooth.  New Amsterdam Vodka is made out of the finest grains that are grown right here in the Midwest. It is then distilled five times to remove all of the impurities. If it is distilled too much, it creates a product with more burn. And if you distill it too few of times, it doesn’t remove all of the impurities.  I look at it as five times distilled, five times smooth. After that, New Amsterdam filters it three times through activated carbon. This helps to create a very soft mouth feel and smooth finish.

Don’t limit New Amsterdam Vodka to just Bloody Mary’s; it works great with any mixed drink that you want to make with vodka. It is even great all by itself! There are multiple sizes for you to choose from to fit any occasion.

Festival Foods has made a great “catch” this season with New Amsterdam Vodka. Make sure you act like a running back and “run” to your closest Festival Foods to “score” with this great new addition!

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