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National Dog Day: Let's celebrate PUPPIES!

It seems you can't get through the day without seeing a cat video or -- at the very least -- hearing a joke about a cat video. Well the dogs are taking over today, Aug. 26! That's because it's National Dog Day ... yes, it's actually a thing. And thank goodness because dogs are just about the cutest animals ... after baby pandas, of course. The observance of all dogs comes at a great time for us at Festival Foods. We've recently added great, healthy cat and dog food -- as well as treats -- from the brilliant culinary mind of Rachel Ray called Nutrish. While we're super excited about offering a new product like Nutrish, we also have plenty of other great items in that aisle to help your puppy sit, stay or bark for joy. We know all about the awesomeness of dogs because many of us at Festival Foods are dog owners ourselves so what better way to celebrate than to show off the puppies we love to love? This is Pearl. Yes, we know. Stinking adorable. Likes: Being the cutest dog on the block. Dislikes: Sleeping at 3:30 a.m. IMG_3999 IMG_3940 Meet Maya. She loves the word "ball," playing, rolling in dead fish and eating out of the compost pile. And bonus: She was born on Valentine's Day! FB_IMG_1440517808669~2 FB_IMG_1440517824748~2 IMG_20140516_143435495 Check out always-on-the-lookout Moxi! She's a boxer mix rescued through Tailwaggers 911. IMG_1039 IMG_1041 What do you do for breakfast every morning? Well, this is Bob (named for Bob Marley) and he has scrambled eggs with cheese every morning for breakfast.


And say hello to Remy! She's got an interesting story: her mom is a “snowball” lab and her dad is a silver lab, but she is black as night. She knows how to dance and she gives tons of kisses. remi remi2 remi3 How about these sisters, Sierra and Denali. The huskies are actual sisters—born to the same parents, but three years apart!


Meet Rico! He especially loves sitting in goofy poses. rico-this one rico2 rico 3 Being among plenty of Packers fans in Wisconsin, we've got not one but two Lambeau puppies among our associates, including Lambeau Lambie (on the left) and Lambeau Watermolen (on the right). lambeau lambie Lambeau Watermolen And then we've got Liza (on the left), a 3-year-old Shih Tzu, who was just adopted this month. Liza's big brother is Patches, a 14-year-old Shih Tzu. FullSizeRender (8) Patches2 Meet Ms. Macy. She's a little older than a year and she was born in Alabama!  She really likes swimming, playing in the snow and going to doggie daycare. macy2 macy We've got another Marley in the bunch. Sure, the tie says he's formal, but -- with that shaggy coat -- you know he's really here to party. The 7-year-old Goldendoodle is 100 pounds, loves Greek yogurt, running and he really enjoys getting his teeth brushed. IMG_0606These are just some of the adorable dogs who live with our associates. These little guys -- and gals -- get so excited when we come home, they give us kisses and just stick with us through the ups and downs of life. Let's say thank you to them with a little treat -- from the Festival Foods' pet aisle, of course -- to appropriately mark National Dog Day!
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