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Nanland Organic Coffee: New life for silly stories after tragedy


We’re excited to tell you about a new coffee product that you can find on the shelves of Festival Foods stores across the state. It’s called Nanland Organic Coffee and it’s coffee with a story.

nan coffee

Nan Bush is the woman behind the company. The Green Bay area resident had been searching for years for the perfect roaster for her coffee. Nan says she wanted to figure out a way to provide organic coffee from a single origin that is both socially and nutritionally responsible. She developed Nanland Organic Coffee, which is now available in Festival Foods stores in the following variety of K-Cup coffee flavors:

  • Organic Columbian Coffee
  • Organic Nicaragua Coffee
  • Organic Peru Coffee
  • Organic Sumatra Coffee

So where does the name Nanland come from? Nan says its roots go back years to her daughter Allison’s childhood.


Here’s Nan’s story in her words:

When Allison was growing up, often I noticed her standing in the kitchen as I prepared meals and writing in a spiral notebook.  When I asked her what she was writing she said she was jotting down all my funny words of advice.

She said she thought I must live in Nanland based on my words of wisdom and she noted that some day she would publish all her “notes from Nanland” in a book to share with the world.  She wouldn’t let me see what she was writing, but at one point I recall saying to her, “If you keep writing down every dumb thing I say, I’m going to stop talking.”

When we found her notebook years later, that comment of mine was among her many “notes from Nanland.”

Allison died unexpectedly on June 16, 2011, when she was 24.

When we found her “notes from Nanland” notebook it brought both laughter and tears. Some of the notes we found include, “Don’t put ChapStick on your lips before you get your bangs cut,” and “Letting others see your bed unmade is like answering the front door with your pants down.”

When my husband Terry and I decided to start our coffee company, we wanted to find a name that had meaning to us and that kept Allison’s memory alive.  Naming our company Nanland accomplishes this and having “notes from Nanland” as our website warms our hearts every time we see it.

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