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More Ways to Save at Festival Foods!


We hope you enjoyed the first post about coupon deals available at Festival Foods a couple weeks ago! As promised, we have put together Part 2 of our coupon blog, this time featuring savings available beyond our in-store ad each

Manufacturer Coupons

Manufacturer coupons include any coupons you cut out from magazines or print off the internet that are not specifically for Festival. Some manufacturer coupons take off $.50-$1.00, others are for a free item, and some others are “buy on get one”. When accepting different manufacturer coupons, we always look for a bar code to scan and a valid expiration date. We will honor valid manufacturer coupons from the internet for up to $3. If you are looking for manufacturer coupons, go to , click on the “Ads/Coupon” tab, then select the “Manufacturer Coupons” link with the $ symbol. Printing and clipping coupons from websites like can lead to great savings!




Text Coupon

Every other week a coupon is sent out via text message to anyone signed up for the mobile texting coupon. The text is sent out on Tuesday, and is valid Wednesday and Thursday. This coupon is very simple to use—just show your cashier the text when you check out! If you are not currently signed up for this coupon but would like to be, just text “fest” to 96714. This coupon does not require an additional $5 purchase.




Facebook Fanatic Coupon

This coupon targets all of you who have “liked” the Festival Foods Facebook page! On the first and third Tuesday of every month, a coupon is uploaded to our Facebook page, available for 3 days to print or e-mail to yourself, and is valid through Saturday. This coupon requires an additional $5 purchase and must be presented to the cashier when you check out. For more information on this coupon please visit the Festival Foods Facebook page.




Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons are the coupons that are printed based on what groceries you purchase. They come from the Catalina Company, and offer another way for guests to save! These coupons typically print at the end of your order, and can include a huge variety of deals. Some are for $.50-$3.00 off your next order, others are product specific, and some are actually “non-redeemable coupons” that are meant to spike product sales during future dates with the end result being a coupon for a future grocery order. Many of these coupons say “redeemable at Region 5”, “redeemable at Wal-Mart”, “redeemable at Festival”, etc.  Although some coupons list competitor businesses on them, we treat them as a manufacturer coupon and will still accept them at the checkouts.


Mailer Coupons

Mailer Coupon offers are typically in the form of a direct mail piece from Festival Foods or in a local market publication distributed via mail to identified zip codes.  A few examples of publications in which we partner with are MoneySaver Magazine (Valley Market), MailSouth (Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Marshfield) and the TriCounty Advisor (Eau Claire).  coupons

Mailer offers are often sent out with multiple weeks’ worth with of coupons in a column format similar to the samples above.  To differentiate the various weeks, each column is dated to identify for our guests know when the coupons are valid. Although these offers are considered store coupons, they are different from our newspaper coupons.  To redeem a mailer offer, the coupon must be presented to the cashier. Upon receipt of the coupon the cashier will enter the code on the coupon which will then trigger the discounts for the mailer offers. Copies of Mailer coupon offer are not available in store and they are collected by the cashier.

For those of you who have read both coupon posts, you probably noticed the coupons listed in the first post were available in-store, whereas the coupons referenced above all come from sources outside of the store. We try to provide as many opportunities for savings as possible to reach all demographics of guests and boomerang our guests back! For more information on any of the coupons referenced, you can visit the service desk at your local Festival Foods.

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