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Meet the Food Safety Team at Festival Foods


foodsafety1 Did you know that September is National Food Safety Month? Well it is! This gives us a great opportunity to talk about steps  we take every day to keep food in our stores safe for our guests.

At Festival Foods, we’ve got a great team, both at our support office and in each of our stores across Wisconsin, working in the food safety arena. Here’s a little bit about our Food Safety Team, who works behind the scenes, to keep food safe across all areas of our stores.

Food Safety Director Hsing-Yi Hsieh oversees the Food Safety & Quality Assurance Program at Festival Foods and works to ensure the effectiveness of our food safety system and regulatory compliance programs.

“I come to work every morning excited about collaborating with a team that is as passionate as I am to ensure that the products we are providing our guests are safe and wholesome. We are always looking for innovative initiatives to stay current in the food safety realm. I am lucky to have such an amazing team, as well as the support of all the different departments in our stores who are all committed to food safety.”

Stephanie Teclaw is Festival Foods’ Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Manager. She works with our Fresh Foods teams, including those in our Produce, Bakery, Meat and Deli departments, to make sure our stores — as well as our suppliers — are following the appropriate state, federal and local regulatory guidelines.

Stephanie’s favorite part about working on Food Safety Team at Festival Foods? “The company is genuinely willing to invest in its programs and people. Our company’s leaders truly live by the ‘The answer is yes, now what’s your question?’ mentality. In a fast and ever changing industry, it’s a privilege to work for a company that puts such a huge priority on food safety. It shows our guests and associates that we value public health and we take seriously the responsibility of providing safe and quality products.”

Rolando Isais is the Food Safety Program Manager at Festival Foods. He works to make sure our food safety standards are being followed properly and we’re making sure teams in our stores have the information they need to keep food safe.

Rolando’s favorite part about Festival’s Food Safety program is “interacting with the teams at each of our stores and discussing issues or questions they have regarding Food Safety. The most powerful aspect of this interaction is when associates have feedback that shows us how things can be done differently and more efficiently. Serves as a reminder that learning is always a two-way street, and we all benefit.”

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