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Making a List, and Checking it Twice


If you have ever looked at your “To-do” list for the day and wondered how you are going to find time to complete everything without driving all over town, you are not alone. At the checkouts, cashiers usually ask guests how their day is going and what plans they have the rest of the day, night, or weekend. Frequently, we hear guests rattle off a long list of all the errands they have planned for the day. Typically, these errands include picking up products to clean the house, picking up food for dinner or a party, shopping for gifts, picking up a movie for a son/daughter and his/her friends to watch later that night, etc. Looking at a list and thinking it might take a few hours to complete can be overwhelming, and certainly is not the way most people want to spend their evening or weekend! At Festival, we strive to make grocery shopping and errands convenient for you. Since we know you will be stopping in to shop for your groceries, why not offer additional services at a grocery store and make it your one-stop place to shop?! For your convenience, we have the following services available to all of our guests:

  • BlackHawk Gift Cards: Gift cards make a great gift no matter who you are shopping for! In addition to our store gift cards, we now offer gift cards for many stores and restaurants including but not limited to iTunes, Subway, Applebees, Barnes ‘n Noble, and Kohl’s. These gift cards can be purchased at the service counter or any register (excluding self-checkouts), you can add them on to your grocery total instead of making a separate payment, and there is no activation fee.
  • Catering: Are you planning a party or having a larger group of people to your house? Stop by our deli for catering information and menus. We can get bulk food prepared for you (buns, meat, cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc.) ahead of time so you don’t have to make all the food in your kitchen. Guests frequently call for catering requests for holiday meals and graduation parties. Whatever your request, our team will make it to perfection!
  • DMV Renewals: Instead of making a special trip to the DMV over your lunch break, you can renew your license plate during your weekly trip to Festival! We can renew license plates for cars and trucks at our customer service desk. The only information we need is your license plate number, and there is a $5.20 processing fee. This service is available Monday-Saturday, 7am-10pm, and Sundays 12pm-6pm.

  • RedBox: Whether you are looking for a movie for a family night, or just something fun to watch on a day off, look no further! RedBox movies can be rented for just $1.20 for one day, and you can check online to see what movies are currently available at each RedBox location. We have a RedBox at every Festival location, some inside the store and some outside.
  • Rug Doctor: Rug Doctors are carpet cleaning machines that we have available for 24 hour rentals at all Festival locations. You have the option of a wide track machine or a regular machine, and we also have hand tools available for harder to clean areas like stairs. The Rug Doctor brand has several cleaning solutions available for purchase, otherwise you can use any solution you might already have at home. These machines are perfect for anyone who needs to deep clean carpets in a house or apartment at a very affordable price.

  • Tot Spot: While you do your shopping, we have the perfect spot to entertain your child(ren)!The Tot Spot is a child-friendly play area open to children 18months through seven years old. With the exception of our Holmen and La Crosse- Copeland location, every Festival location has a tot spot. This area is open daily from 9am-8 pm in most locations and we have a wide variety of toys, books, coloring sheets and monthly crafts. All of our tot spot employees are trained on emergency procedures, and background checks are done on anyone 18 or older. Your child(ren) can stay in the tot spot, free of charge, for a maximum of one hour. For parents who like to check in on their child(ren) while shopping, we have conveniently placed tot spot monitors throughout the store.
  • Post Office: Do you need to mail multiple packages for items you’ve sold on eBay? Or send out your completed taxes? We currently have a postal sub-station at the following locations: Northland, Darboy, DePere, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Green Bay East, Green Bay West, LaCrosse-Village, Marshfield, Onalaska, Oshkosh and Sheboygan. The post office is located at the customer service desk, and we can accept packages for USPS seven days a week, 7am-10pm. We have a variety of priority mail boxes and envelopes available for you depending on the size and shape of your package. There are two mail pick-ups each day at most locations, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Due to the success and popularity of this service, we hope to add postal sub-stations to more of our stores in the next few years!

Our services do not stop at the checkouts! Although these services do not reflect anything that you would cross off a list, we still hope you will take advantage of the assistance we have available in the parking lot:

  • Parcel Pick up: Have you ever made a trip to the grocery store with the intention of getting “just a few things”, only to get to the check-outs with a cart filled to the brim with food? And, once all that food has been organized into bags, realized you now have two carts worth of groceries to take to your car? Or, have you gone shopping on the weekend with your children and wondered how in the world you are going to safely get your 3 children from the store, through the parking lot, and safely to your car, while pushing your cart full of groceries? These are just a couple examples of times we recommend you take advantage of the parcel pick up service we offer. Our cashiers are trained to ask guests if they would like parcel pick up based on the weather, a large order, small children, etc. If you would like parcel pick up, one of our cart runners can walk out to your car with you and load your groceries into your car. Or, if you prefer, leave your cart in the store and drive up to the front doors where an employee will be waiting with your groceries and load them into your car.
  • Umbrella Service: Anyone who has every grocery shopped at Festival during the spring and summer in the middle of a down-pour is familiar with this extremely popular service! During the spring and summer months, when we have rainy weather, you will notice employees in raincoats stationed at the entrance and exit doors in the cart lobby with umbrellas in hand. We will walk you out to your vehicle with the umbrella to keep you and your groceries dry, or, if you prefer, you can take the umbrella with you to your car, then drive up and drop it off with an employee on your way out of the parking lot.
  • Snow Brush Service: This is our newest service that we are currently testing at our two Appleton locations and Neenah.  Similar to the umbrella service, we have snow brushes available during the winter months when an inch or two of snow can quickly accumulate on your car while you grocery shop. Our employees will never brush snow off your car without your consent. If you would like this service, our cart runners will gladly brush the snow of your car while you load your groceries into your car. This means instead of spending an extra five minutes scraping the ice and snow off your windshield in the chilly winter weather, once your groceries are loaded into your car you can leave the parking lot immediately! If you shop at one of these locations and take advantage of this service, we would appreciate your feedback on the snow brush service during the next couple months.  Your feedback will be used to determine if we will offer this service to guests at our other locations.

Next time you do your weekly shopping at Festival, we hope you are able to cross additional items off your “to-do” list by taking advantage of the various services we offer. We appreciate your business and loyalty!

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