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Festival Foods



I am serving as the Campaign Chair for the Brown County United Way this year and I am fired up about it!  Festival Foods has always been a big supporter of the United Way and when the opportunity to lead the charge in Brown County was presented to me I couldn’t turn it down.  Those involved in the campaign have been busy planning and meeting with company leaders to ensure we get this year off on the right foot. As Campaign Chair, I have the privilege of meeting with the CEOs and executives of the major firms in Brown County, including Georgia Pacific, Green Bay Packers, Schneider National and Schreiber Foods.

When I talk to people about the United Way, I always come back to the fact that someone you know – or your neighbor or your friend – has more than likely benefitted from the services of an organization receiving funding from the United Way.  It’s impossible to list all those organizations and programs here, but please know that when you make a donation to the United Way it has direct and positive impact on your community.  This entire experience has reminded me to be very thankful we have great people in our community who are willing to donate their time, talent and treasures to make a difference.

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