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Little things at Festival Foods


little things6 Before I ever worked at Festival Foods, I shopped there. And before I shopped there, I heard about it. Actually, I heard about it from a lot of people. When we moved to the Green Bay area in 2007, we heard about this rainbow-signed grocery stores that had associates who were JUST SO FRIENDLY! We heard things like, “Everyone who works there says hello!” and “Someone is always asking if I need anything!” and “The cashiers always ask if I found everything.” little things8 Isn’t it funny that those observations, interactions and experiences in a grocery store aren’t solely focused on the products on the store shelves? Instead, they’re focused on the people who stock those shelves, help folks who are shopping and check out groceries at cash registers? You could say — for us at Festival Foods — it’s about the little things. And now all those little things are giving us something big to talk about with you! We’re changing the way we talk about our company. We explain how and why during this Facebook Live broadcast, which we did on Aug. 9. If you didn’t catch it live, don’t worry! We’ve got it right here for you!

We’ve got plenty of ways to continue this “little things” conversation with us. Check out our special website that provides more information and gives you an opportunity to let us know about the “little thing” you really enjoy about Festival Foods. You can post to our Facebook page, tweet at us or tag us in an Instagram post with the #MyFestivalThing hashtag.

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