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Let Us Help You- All about Parcel Pick-up



During the past 3 months of this exceptionally cold winter we have had numerous guests bundling up in layers of fleece, winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves before going outside with their cart simply because standing outside in the cold to load their groceries into their car leaves them freezing! When we hear the cold weather complaints from our guests our first instinct is to agree and wish for sunshine and springtime.  In addition to these wishes we have been offering guests a temporary solution for this problem—parcel pick-up!

Our cashiers and baggers are taught to offer parcel pick-ups for various circumstances: a large order that requires more than 1 cart, bad weather, anyone who is elderly or handicapped, or a family shopping with several young children. Most guests who fall into one of the above categories gladly accept the offer for parcel pick-up and will either walk out to their vehicle with a cart runner or drive up to the front of the store where a cart runner meets them and loads their groceries into their car. However, anyone can ask for this service- cold weather is a great reason to drive up!

Many guests who are offered parcel pick-up will add a little humor to the conversation and ask “Now can you come home with me and put everything away, too?!” As much as we would love to help with these requests, we do need to return to the store and take care of the additional guests waiting for us! However, comments like those do remind us how much everyone appreciates the parcel pick-up service and the undivided attention they receive from a Festival Foods employee, even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Don’t struggle pushing your cart through the snow, ask for parcel pick-up!

Don’t struggle pushing your cart through the snow, ask for parcel pick-up!

Parcel pick-up is available year-round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer parcel pick-up as often as possible but realize there might be some missed opportunities. Keep in mind that you can always request a parcel pick-up when checking out! Just let your cashier or bagger know you would like some help loading your groceries into your car and we will have someone assist you. Rain or shine, summer or winter, 30 degrees below zero or 85 degrees and sunny, we are here to serve our guests!



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