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Festival Foods

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Holiday eats and treats for kids


reindeer cheese

We’ve got a lineup of delicious, kid-friendly eats for your next holiday gathering that will make the Kids Table a place everyone will want to sit. Check out a few adorable dish options from our holiday entertaining experts


Dish: Reindeer Cheese

What you need: Laughing Cow Cheese for head; Pretzel Knots for antlers; Ripe Olives for eyes; red pepper, pimento or cherries for nose.

fruit pizza

Dish: Fruit pizza 

What it is: With a simple two-ingredient crust, this sweet and tangy Greek Yogurt Fruit Pizza will be a recipe you reach for time and time again. And the best part, you can decorate it to match any occasion!

How to make it: All the details are right here

meat and cheese cutouts
Dish: Cheese and meat cutouts

How to make it: As easy as taking cookie cutouts to snacks! 

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